I have been teaching in the Princeton area since 1985, serving as Suzuki String Department Head at Westminster Conservatory, Director of instrumental music at Stuart Day School and Director of the State Wide Suzuki Festival from 1985 thru 2001. My students hosted the Ottawa Strings on a Friendship Tour which culminated in performances in Philadelphia and the United Nations. My students were selected to perform at the Governors Awards televised from McCartur Theatre with Governor Kean. I studied the Suzuki Method with Linda Fiore, Dr. William Starr, Dr. John Kendall, and Dr. Shinichi Suzuki and have taught at Music Festivals in CA, CO, GA, NC, NY, PA, TN, VA and UT.

I started The Giocoso String Program in 1997 where Love of Learning and Passion for Music combine to create a family friendly String Program. When we opened, we didn't know what to call our program, we had a contest among the students to name it. All the students knew Ms. Licetti's favorite Book 1 piece was The Happy Farmer which is marked Giocoso...the musical term meaning playful, joyful, exuberant.... which is exactly what we try and create in every lesson and class. We look forward to meeting you and having fun playing our instruments!

As my returning students are fully aware of this, I need to let new students know. I was attacked while walking my dog in July 2012, by a dog who was on an invisible fence containment system. I have not been able to stand to perform or walk without a cane eversince. I LOVE teaching your children to play violin as well as they can. I must ask that any students family who adds a pet to their family NOT use one of these systems. I can not teach a student whose family is shocking a dog just to stay in their yard. If you are thinking of getting a pet dog or have one of these systems, please see me, i can give you information on the best trainers in the area and the best ways to keep your dog and all your neighbors safe. If you live in a neighborhood whose association only allows electric shock fences, I challenge you to seek out the best legal experts and get your association to change their policies. Thank You for understanding my Policy.

The Mascot Song of the Giocoso String Program has lyrics too!
The Happy Violinist
(The Happy Farmer melody)
We use big bows, our elbows open wide, our bow hair digs into the strings to make good tone.
We use big bows, our elbows open wide, our bow hair digs into the strings to make good tone.
We like to practice every single day.
We use big bows, our elbows open wide, it makes us very happy to play Violin.
We like to practice every single day,
We use big bows, our elbow opens wide, it makes us very happy to play VIOLIN!